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This lj contains mature and explicit content of a homoerotic nature. If you don't enjoy or appreciate anything related to this subject matter-in all of its forms or medias-and are underage(in your city/state) then you have stumbled into the wrong place; but I appreciate your visit.

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For all you Yaoi Fangirls and Manlove groupies; WELCOME. Please take the tour and I hope you have fun. Just so you know, most of the fanfics I write are from Yamane Sensei's Finder series and her beloved characters, I just show my love and appreciation for her work by writing stories about them; so if you're a fan, enjoy. :D

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"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss

A heartfelt thanks
I just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciated your kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot. You will probably figure it out, but the latest post for Clash of Predators is just me working through my grief; if you still manage to enjoy it as part of the story, it will make me happy. I have mentioned this before but just in case anyone is wondering; I will definitely continue my stories, I can't give you a specific time line because aside from still mourning my mother's passing I'm also in the midst of moving to a smaller place. It makes me glad that you all want to read more of my stories and I hope I can start writing again in the near future.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Clash of Predators-...shadow of death
Title: Clash of Predators-...shadow of death
Fandom: Finder Series,  AU
Characters/Pairings: Haru/Toby
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Summary: Haru buries Toby.
Disclaimer: Yamane-sensei owns all VF characters. Any OC are mine as is the story.

“When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

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Irma Z. 12/27-8/20
It hasn't been easy the last couple of months, my mother and I began a painful journey in February and though we gave it all we got she lost the battle to cancer yesterday. I am a single child and it had been just the two of us for a long time so it was a difficult road to walk. My mother had an extremely painful childhood and adolescence which she rarely discussed with me, and the times something slipped out it was mentions of abuse at her family's hand. She was never allowed to attend school and instead put to work on what was considered a man's job at the time and so she was lucky those men protected her instead of caused her harm. She spent her life with both physical and emotional scars, and so was unable to provide for me.

We lived almost all my young life with 'so called' relatives who never missed a chance at making me the topic of conversation or making her feel like she was a simpleton. But my mother was an amazing person, who loved with all her heart yet rarely found the same from her brothers and the rest of her family. Yet she had the most amazing and wonderful friends who have been my support and are giving me their warmth and strength in this time. She had her own brand of wisdom gleamed from her experiences and I for one thought of her as one of the most smartest people and the most loving parent a child hopes to have. I am happy in the fact that she will now know the true meaning of complete peace, happiness and a life without pain. I will miss her; she is my mother, my best friend, my confidant, and was my rock for longer than I can count. I was truly blessed to have her and love her; now I shall honor her memory by being the person she wanted me to be. She will be in my heart always and forever.


Happy New Year's!!!
I'm not one for resolutions, basically because I have short term memory and tend to forget about them a week in...seriously. But I do try to set at least some goals for myself and I have a GREAT hope which I'm trying to hold onto that is more important than anything. I've decided that I'm going to try and leave behind any regrets, resentments, anger or whatever lingering negative emotions I feel in my heart regarding my family; I think it's past time I bury them and let them go.

I am a person of faith, and although I'm not a devoted churchgoer I do try my hardest to be a good, honest person to the best of my ability-so on that note I've decided that I need to make the effort to attend church more often. Another goal I've set for myself is that I'm going to try and leave bad habits behind; these past 2-3 years I've allowed depression/anxiety and family issues chain me to a drab existence between work and the inside of my room-no friends, no outings-so I figure it's time for a change.

BUT out of all of these there's one HOPE that is burning inside me; my mother has a medical issue and this coming year she is going to get tested so I'm just praying and hoping for a positive outcome.

For all my friends here I hope that you achieve whatever goals, hopes, aspirations, or resolutions you set for yourself--so let's give it our BEST!

Finally, I very much look forward to keep on sharing my stories with you in the hope that you continue to enjoy them! Thanks for a wonderful year of online friendship and lovely comments. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVERYONE!!!

Merry Christmas
I find myself a little disappointed that I couldn't offer you all an update on any of my fics but I'm still dealing with some stuff. I just wanted to wish every single one of you a Merry Christmas!

No Excuses....really, I mean it.
Okay I know it's been awhile; and that I had plans for an Asami b-day story which I have yet to deliver so I'm sorry. The reason is that in the past months I've been helping a friend put her house in order after some extensive renovations and I was getting home really late. This is aside from dealing with some medical issues with my mom and my lemon of a car, which broke down 3x this past two months-so of course there hasn't even been time or energy for me to write-AT ALL! But for all you faithful readers don't worry, no story of mine is being dropped, they're just on hold until I manage to get some time to actually write that's all. I hope to give you all something soon. I deeply appreciate your wonderful and encouraging comments and I'm truly happy that you all are really enjoying Clash of Predators or any of my fics. *Bows*

I recently found this lakorn (tv soap)that introduced me to the sweetest couple (Peerawit(Pee) and Kong)-I just simply ADORE them, each time I watch they just melt me; here's one of my favorite episodes as a thank you to you all for being so patient with me.


Asami is having some fun on the side...
in a story that I'm working on for Taste for Leather as a gift! He's one year younger this month. Here's just a teeny tiny peek:

[Fun on the Side-A Taste for Leather Side Story]
Taste for Leather: The Right to Choose

“My apologies Zhou, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend. A celebration is being held here, your presence would be welcomed if you wish to come.” Asami rubbed his cheek against warm skin like a cat seeking comfort.

So there you have it, now I leave you with this vid. This song has been stuck in my head, so I figured what the hey.

Taste for Leather: Crossing the Line
Title: Taste for Leather: Crossing the Line
Fandom: Finder Series
Characters/Pairings: Asami & Aki
Warnings: Mentions of physical and sexual abuse
Rating: R
Summary: It's not all fun and games when Asami crosses the line
Disclaimer: Yamane-sensei owns all VF characters. Any OC are mine as is the story.


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12-Taste for Leather: Crossing the Line...news & a peek
Lj is driving me freaking insane, it's a whole load of trouble just to post, never mind when I have to edit the entry or whatever RAAAAAAAWWWWWRRR!!!!! So just wanted to say that I got inspired again, wouldn't you know, and I'm currently working on another chapter for Taste for Leather; I even have an idea for one after that. Of course now it's a matter of having the juice to write it. Alright here's a taste...

Taste for Leather: Crossing the Line

He took in the scene again hoping, wishing that it was a dream-or more like a nightmare-and he would wake up soon. But the stark reality of the earlier events filled his vision; there was no place he could hide, or his gaze could rest without seeing what his loss of control had wrought.

And on that note, I leave you with the video from the song I mentioned in the previous chapter-Timo Descamps Like it Rough


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